Happy Hour Dates and Musicians

Monthly Gathering:

an Informal Social/Happy Hour on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from
6-8:30 PM Live music by Trop Rock musicians.
Everyone is welcome !
Join us  at                      

Mantoloking Road Alehouse

247 Mantoloking Rd.
Brick, NJ

You do not need to be a member to join in our happy hours, come see what we are about, and please don't forget to bring your donation for the specific Happy Hours if you wish.
NOTE: Donations are NOT mandatory!
Collection Bins will be available at the Mantoloking Road Alehouse! Hope to see you there! 

Tuesday ~September 11, 2018
Gary PhilipS

2018 Guest Musicians
January~Vince Berardi and guest
February~ Nicky FabbZ
March~ Gary PhilipS

April~Barely Covered Duo
May~John Sudia
June~ Rockin Randy
July~Brue Crew Duo

August~Nicky FabbZ
September~Gary PhilipS
November ~
December~Rockin Randy

2017 Guest Musicians

January 10~ The Brue Crew Duo
February 14~ Koka PhilipS
March 21~ Nicky FabbZ
April 11~ Rockin' Randy
May 9 ~ Barely Covered Duo

June 13~ Todd Robbins
July 11 ~ Gary PhilipS
August 8 ~ Nicky FabbZ
September 12 ~Breu Crew Duo
October 10 ~ Jimmy Maraventano Sr.
November 14~ Rockin' Randy
December 12~ Barely Covered Duo

2016 Happy Hour Musicians

January 12,2016~ Nicky FabbZ
February 9, 2016~Rockin' Randy
March 8, 2016~ Koka PhilipS
(AKA Gary PhilipS and Tom Minson)
April 12, 2016~ Jax and Dave AKA Barley Covered Duo
May 10, 2016~The Brue Crew
June 14, 2016~Rockin' Randy and Mike P.
July 12, 2016 ~ Davey Werkheiser Duo
August 9, 2016 ~ Nicky FabbZ
September 13, 2016 ~ Sunny Jim White
October 11, 2016 ~ Koka  PhilipS
(AKA Gary PhilipS and Tom Minson)
November 15, 2016 ~ Jax and Dave Barley Covered Duo
December 13, 2016 ~ Rockin' Randy and Special guest
Roger Bartlet


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