Board of Directors for 2020

Denise Bruschi ~ President
rdbruschi@aol.com 908-910-4410

Diane Andruszko~ Vice President

Marian Henderson ~Treasurer

Robb Councilor ~Trustee
Bob Luce ~Trustee
Randy Weimer ~ Trustee

Frank Zukowski~ Past President

The mission of the Coastal Jersey Parrot  Head Club (CJPHC) is to act as a non-profit organization consisting of a congregation of individuals living out the philosophies of Parrot Heads; celebrating our passion for fun and life. The CJPHC shall assist and support other non-profit organizations in the community and aid environmental concerns. The CJPHC will also provide social activities for people interested in the music of Jimmy Buffett and the lifestyle portrayed in his music.

Click here to read our  "Parrot Point System " for  Jimmy Buffett Concert tickets
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