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The mission of the Coastal Jersey Parrot  Head Club (CJPHC) is to act as a non-profit organization consisting of a congregation of individuals living out the philosophies of Parrot Heads; celebrating our passion for fun and life. The CJPHC shall assist and support other non-profit organizations in the community and aid environmental concerns. The CJPHC will also provide social activities for people interested in the music of Jimmy Buffett and the lifestyle portrayed in his music. 

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2019 Annual membership Fee:  
Single  $25

Couple $40   (or …two family/related adults) 

Family  $40    1-2 adults w/all Keets Fly Free (under18) 
*Note1: Pricing STILL The SAME ! 
**Note2:Annual membership ends on Dec 31st of each calendar year

Single/ Family/Couple  Please use drop down menu for options
CJPHC 2019 membership
NOTE: Membership is pending until  signed Form is received via email or snail mail

PLEASE make Checks payable to: “Coastal Jersey Parrot Head Club”

(Please Do Not Mail Cash! Personal check or Money Orders only)


CJPHC- Membership, P.O. Box 4038, Brick, NJ 08723

Or  Email form:

Questions? Contact: Membership~Linda Casserly

"We need more Volunteers"... "more Fruitcakes"
"We are the people your parents warned you about!"

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We are not
Parrot Heads because we are Jimmy Buffett fans...

 We are Parrot Heads because:

* We love the ocean.

* We love our planet.

* We love to have fun.

We are Parrot Heads because:

* We are not afraid to be silly.

* We are not afraid to act foolish.

* We are not afraid of love.

 We are Parrot Heads because:

* We like scantily clad members of our favorite sex

* We like playing in the sun with those same members

* We like singing songs that say all of these things.

 We are Parrot Heads because:

* We believe the best things in life cannot be bought.

* We believe sharing the best things make them better.

* We believe in the innate goodness in all of us.

 We are Parrot Heads because:

* We know shared joy is increased.

* We know shared pain is lessened.

* We know a good friend has value beyond measure.

…It just so happens, that Jimmy Buffett sings about all these things.

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